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Welcome to The Fix, located at 36 West Main St in Statesboro, GA. We are a facility that specializes in sports injuries and optimization of health. Our unique approach to helping you achieve optimum wellness is what sets us apart from most any other therapy center. Through the use of Orthopedic Massage, Personal Training, Physiotherapy, and Sports Event Preparation, we offer our clients personalized wellness programs that help them achieve optimum wellness. We provide care for sports injuries, post surgical rehabilitation, work related injuries, personal injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, arthritis and more. We use proper diagnoses, manual therapies, and communication with other health care providers to appropriately direct your health care and get the best results for your condition.

Cristen Brinson-Hughes & Terrell Hughes

Co-Owners and Trainers

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36 West Main Street
Statesboro, GA 30458